Pembroke College Chess Club

University of Cambridge

About Us

Pembroke College Chess Club was founded in 2018 and is the largest chess club in Cambridge with 3 teams entered into the Cambridge Chess League 2020 (and more to follow)!

Encourage & Promote Chess

Chess is a diverse game open to various playing styles and is very helpful at teaching life skills including determination and perseverance!

Open to All

Teams are available for all levels and promoted widely across Cambridge.

Team Spirit

Help, teach and encourage chess at all teams and levels!

Lots of Fun

Regular club sessions, chess league matches and looking to join more professional tournaments!

Cambridge Chess League Teams

Provisional Teams for the Cambridge Chess League

1st Team

Daniel Gallagher
Declan Shafi
Dion Huang
David Opalic

2nd Team

Tibo Rushbrooke
Tergel Khatanbaatar
Abhishek Shenoy
Vyas Raina

3rd Team

Angus Matthews
Adian Luisie
Brendan Huo
Dan Harwood

Regular Players

Ben Hatton
James King

Our Committee

Toby Chesser

Toby Chesser

Co-founder & Treasurer

Abhishek Shenoy

Abhishek Shenoy

Co-founder & President

Declan Shafi

Declan Shafi

Chess Ambassador

Dan Harwood

Dan Harwood

Social Secretary